Avast ye landlubbers! Gather yer peglegs and eye patches and join our swashbuckling crew, or face the dreaded plank!

In celebration of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, when you come in for an appointment from Wednesday, Sept 19th through Tuesday, September 25th, give us your best pirate inspired "ARRRR!" and we'll give you $10 off your session of 60 minutes or more (not applicable to already discounted services.)

Don't forget Gift Certificates for your shipmates! On Wednesday the 19th only, you can receive the same $10 discount on all gift certificates of 60 minutes or more. If you're ordering online, send us an email with the subject "ARRRR" and your google order # and we will refund you $10.

Fair winds, me hearties!

The Myo Massage Crew

Save $5 - Pay with Dwolla

Have you heard of Dwolla? It's a cool new way to pay online or with your smartphone, and we accept it! Unlike traditional payment networks (like those used by paypal, google checkout, or your credit card) Dwolla takes the industry in a new direction, bypassing outdated networks, lowering fees for merchants, building tools for banks to offer real-time ACH transfers, and allowing people to share money with their social networking contacts and their phone.

We're offering $5 off your service if you use Dwolla to check out between now and October 31. You can sign up here. Dwolla will chip in a dollar too if you send them a text to the number listed here.

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Secret of the Sea

60 minute Myo + soak
$110 (save $15)

Begin with a briney Dead Man's soak. Dead Sea Salts are high in absorbable essential minerals and help with pirate ailments such as soreness, inflammatory conditions, allergies, acne and psoriasis. They even lessen the appearance and depth of wrinkles. Follow with a 60 minute customized Myo massage.

Spotlight on Specialties: Thai Massage

Thai massage uses a combination of stretching, rhythmic compressions and pressure point work, balancing energy flow while releasing tension and increasing joint mobility. It is often described as "passive yoga" due to the similarity of certain stretches to yoga asanas.

Thai massage has origins in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, yoga, and Thai indigenous healing arts. Practitioners of modern Thai massage operate on the theory that the body is permeated with "lom," or "air," which is inhaled into the lungs and which subsequently travels throughout the body along 72,000 pathways called "sen," or "vessels." The theory of sen and lom is often translated into English as "meridians" and "energy." While there are some superficial similarities to Chinese meridian theory, the Thai system is markedly different as the sen are unconnected from the internal organs. During the session, the therapist will rhythmically press certain points along the major sen lines. The yoga-like stretches are intended to stimulate the sen and move lom through the body via a pumping action which is connected with the client's breathing.

A session of 90 minutes to 2 hours is highly recommended to address the whole body. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for this treatment.

60 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $115
120 Minutes $155